November 24, 2023

YERUN and ProcToGo explored the potential of Micro-credentials

On 23 November, YERUN co-organised an event dedicated to the topic of Micro-credentials, together with its partner universities involved in the ProcToGo project.

ProcToGo is an Erasmus+ KA2 project that aims to explore innovative ideas in education as key elements for connecting higher education institutions and the labour market and, as a result,  enhancing graduates employability in the area of Sustainable Procurement, where the demand of professionals with digital skills is more and more increasing. 

By integrating traditional academic learning paths with non-traditional approaches based on competency-learning, in particular adopting micro-credential approach, the project contributes to respond to the increasing demand on academic offer that tailor graduates to specific competencies and profiles required by the labour market in the area of Sustainable Procurement.

Tor Vergata University of Rome leads the project, which also brings together the Universities of Antwerp, Bremen, Carlos III de Madrid and NOVA Lisbon. The 23 November date marked the 2nd multiplier event of the project.

With most colleagues involved in the project being also part of the YERUN ad hoc group on Lifelong Learning, the idea to join forces in the organisation of this event came quite naturally.

The event brought together a fantastic lineup of speakers and about 60 on-site participants.

From left to right: Shizuka Kato, Prof. Carlos Delgado Kloos, Chiara Colella, Isabel Ladrón Arroyo, Agnieszka Jelnicka, Prof. Corrado Cerruti, Dr. Mairéad Nic Giolla Mhichíl, Ann Cattelain.

During the morning session, Chiara Colella, YERUN Policy Officer, and Prof. Corrado Cerruti, Professor at Tor Vergata University of Roma, and ProcToGo coordinator, welcomed the participants of the event. Following, Prof. Corrado Cerruti gave an introduction on the ProcToGo project.

Agnieszka Jelnicka, Policy Officer at DG EAC, and Isabel Ladrón Arroyo, Policy Officer at DG EMPL, gave the audience an overview of the European Commission approach to Micro-credentials while Shizuka Kato, Analyst, Higher Education Policy Team – Directorate for Education and Skills, OECD provided an overview of the OECD work on Micro-credentials policy implementation.

After a presentation about the framing of the Micro-credentials landscape, Prof. Carlos Delgado Kloos, Rector’s Delegate on Micro-credentials at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, engaged in a conversation with Ann Cattelain, Vice President ECSSA – European Confederation of Search & Selection Associations, on the perspective of recruiters on Micro-credentials.

From left to right: Prof. Carlos Delgado Kloos, Prof. Carlos Alario, Prof. Corrado Cerruti, Kerstin Altherr, Chiara Colella, Dr. Ulrich Wacker.

During the afternoon session, Dr. Mairéad Nic Giolla Mhichíl, Director of Micro- Credential Strategy & Innovation at Dublin City University, member of ECIU, brought to the conversation a concrete example of the use of Micro-credentials in a European University Alliance.

Following, colleagues from YERUN member universities and part of the YERUN ad hoc group on Lifelong Learning presented their different national perspectives and approaches on Micro-credentials. Kerstin Altherr, Lifelong Learning Coordinator at University of Potsdam, and Dr. Ulrich Wacker, Manager Academy of Advanced Studies at University of Konstanz, presented the German case; Dr. Jan Dries, Commissioner for Lifelong Learning at University of Antwerp, illustrated the Belgian case, and Prof. Carlos Alario, Associate Professor at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, gave an overview of the Spanish case.

Prof. Corrado Cerruti, and Jan Dries concluded the event illustrating the ProcToGo approach to Micro-credentials.

It was pleasure for YERUN to host and co-organise the ProcToGo event on micro-credentials. We would like to thank all the speakers, the colleagues from the YERUN member institutions and the participants who made the event a success and the perfect platform to showcase the significant work of our members and the ad hoc group on Lifelong learning.

Did you missed the event? Don’t worry, you can access all the presentations given on the day via the links below:

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