February 1, 2024

YERUN Annual Report 2023

The YERUN Annual Report 2023 is out! Join us on a reflective journey through an intense year of collaborative experiences, innovative endeavours, and shared achievements. 

Our year 2023 was enriched by many inspiring policy initiatives and fruitful exchanges among our members and the YERUN Brussels Office. Indeed, central to our success is the collaborative spirit that unites YERUN member institutions across Europe. Their dedication has enriched our work and amplified cooperation across the network, in a collaborative spirit that resonates throughout this Annual Report as we give voice to our colleagues’ insights.

YERUN’s commitment to shaping policy in the higher education landscape spans from improving academic careers to reforming the research assessment methods, from fostering knowledge valorisation strategies to exploring future pathways for the European Universities Alliances, from promoting Open Science and inclusiveness, to encouraging a global approach to research, and much more. Furthermore, learning from each other on relevant topics such as sustainability, lifelong learning strategies, innovative teaching methods, leadership and much more, is at the core of our daily work. 

In 2023 we also welcomed two new members, Nicolaus Copernicus University and Tallinn University, and organised two inspiring General Assemblies, hosted by the University of Limerick and by NOVA University Lisbon, respectively. These meetings were a great opportunity for the YERUN leadership to meet and exchange on high-level topics, such as foresight, sustainability, talent development and the role of universities in the development of the future FP10. Distinguished speakers such as DG RTD Deputy Director, Ms. Signe Ratso, and Global Tertiary Education expert, Mr. Jamil Salmi, contributed to inspiring discussions with their invaluable contributions. 

In conclusion, 2023 was a remarkable year of growth, resilience, and shared accomplishments, proving the vibrancy and dynamism of our community. We look forward to building upon these achievements in the years to come, continuing to shape the future of European research universities and the policy landscape in which they operate and evolve.

As we express our gratitude for the journey of 2023, we extend our thanks to all our members who have contributed to the success of YERUN. It is through their collective passion and commitment that we continue to evolve and make meaningful advancements in the world of higher education.

Enjoy the read! 

YERUN Annual Report 2023

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