May 27, 2017

YERUN Position Paper on the H2020 mid-term review

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Horizon 2020 has a clear role in promoting international, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary collaboration. It is fundamental to perform innovative and high quality science, and it enables innovative research of the highest quality to be carried out by encouraging inclusion and collaboration. YERUN members acknowledge that researchers are supported to establish, widen their networks, share resources (both intellectual and physical – infrastructures), develop their international careers, and connect research and other stakeholders in the pursuit of knowledge and innovation.

YERUN is pleased to share its position on the mid-term evaluation of Horizon 2020. YERUN supports the two most important criteria of Horizon 2020 being excellence and impact, and emphasises the importance of fundamental research and thematic openness. Our members actively participate in the framework programme and their experiences can enrich the design of the future programs to come.


YERUN Position Paper on the H2020 mid-term review

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