May 7, 2024

More dialogue needed on dual-use

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YERUN has submitted an initial response to the European Commission’s consultation on future options of research and development support involving technologies with dual-use potential, emphasising that there are currently too many unknowns to provide a clear preference for any of the options suggested. The submission is a part of YERUN’s ongoing engagement in European policy discussions, particularly concerning research security and the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (FP). The current EU funding framework maintains a clear separation between civil and defence research, with Horizon Europe focusing solely on civil applications and the European Defence Fund addressing defence-related activities. The options being considered by the Commission are (1) to seek synergies and cross-fertilisation based on the current set-up, (2) to remove exclusive concentration on civil applications in the future FP, and (3) to create a new mechanism focusing on dual-use. 

YERUN acknowledges the complexity of the issue, particularly regarding the lack of a clear definition of dual-use and the potential implications for research funding, collaboration, and security. Each option presents unique challenges and opportunities, and YERUN offers insights into the potential consequences of each approach in order to continue the discussion towards a feasible implementation. The European Commission should continue the dialogue with policy makers and stakeholders to address the risks, potential adverse implications and trade-offs we have cautioned against in our input. 

YERUN emphasises the importance of ongoing dialogue and collaboration among stakeholders to address these challenges effectively. As discussions on research and development involving technologies with dual-use continue, YERUN remains committed to contributing to the development of policies that support European research and address societal challenges.

More dialogue needed on dual-use

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