November 9, 2017

YERUN Position Paper on FP9 – Horizon Europe

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YERUN presented its Position Paper on FP9 at the YERUN Launch Event, last November 7.

The document provides YERUN’s perspective on key aspects we believe should be addressed in the 9th European Framework Programme (FP9). This position reflects the vision and the collective experience of all its member universities.

Read our position HERE! –> YERUN FP9 Position Paper

YERUN believes that Europe has the potential to play a leading role in solving and anticipating global challenges and opportunities. To fulfil this ambition, it is crucial to build an FP9 that, even more so than its predecessors, addresses the following aspects:

  1. Sustainable funding to match Europe’s ambition in research and innovation
  2. Engage society in the creation of knowledge and innovation
  3. Promote and reward a full implementation of Open Science
  4. Recognise a more comprehensive definition of impact
  5. Enhance support for early career researchers
  6. Revise submission and evaluation processes to improve efficiency, transparency, fairness and impact

Professor Tom van Veen is the Chair of the YERUN Working Group on EU Policy that developed this position paper.


YERUN Position Paper on FP9 – Horizon Europe

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