April 17, 2019

YERUN Annual Report 2018

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Making a balance of our achievements, our eighteen institutions are actively collaborating with our representation in Brussels. The five lines of action our members agreed to focus on, have now established five Working Groups that materialize the strategic plan into concrete actions. If you want to know more about our work, check our latest Annual Report 2018.

“Since 2015, we have witnessed a tremendous transformation of our network. At that time, eighteen young research universities decided to formalise their collaboration structures and create the first representation of young research universities in Brussels. We started with a vision that was translated into our strategic plan. Our first public event was the YERUN Launch event at the European Parliament in November 2017 and YERUN presented there its first position paper on the now called Horizon Europe.

Ahead of us, I foresee a network committed to realize its potential and supporting each one of our institutions in order to give the best opportunities to our staff, students and partners, by operating in a truly European environment benchmarking our practices and encouraging us to be better every day.”

Prof. Juan Romo, YERUN President, Rector UC3M.

YERUN Annual Report 2018

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