July 2, 2021

University of Cyprus


The University of Cyprus (UCY), based in Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, is a modern, diverse, and evolving student-centered institution established only three decades ago. With around 7.000 students and 800 faculty and staff members, UCY is a rapidly expanding university and the biggest employer in Cyprus for young graduates and researchers. It currently employs about 700 young scientists, using external research funds. Its 8 faculties and 22 departments offer a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, whilst its numerous, highly cited researchers give UCY a cutting – edge. All programmes of academic study function under the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). Furthermore, UCY awards the Diploma Supplement with DS Label.

International Outlook

UCY is globally networked and actively contributes to European and international scientific developments. UCY’s involvement in the international arena is many-folded. More specifically, UCY:

  • Maintains close relations with top institutions internationally through the signing of more than 250 Bilateral Agreements of Cooperation;
    Is an active member in more than 60 international university networks and associations; Participates in the university alliance YUFE (Young Universities for the Future of Europe) with 9 other European universities;
  • Participates in the ERASMUS+ Programme since 1998;
  • Has developed strategic partnerships with the establishment of the Aula Cervantes and the Confucius Institute on its premises.


UCY is considered the leading university and the most active research institution in Cyprus. With 15 Research Centres and various research laboratories, UCY has implemented a large number of research projects funded by the European Union, the national Research and Innovation Foundation (RIF) and several public and private Research Organizations.

Under H2020 UCY:

  • ranked 1st in Cyprus with 136 research projects and with total funding of over €64,4 million from January 2014, the start date of H2020 program, until February 2021. UCY ranked 148th in securing funding among the nearly 40,000 organizations participating in the Program and 106th among all the academic institutions involved. This is a great distinction for UCY since it surpasses, in absolute numbers, other famous and much larger European universities. In general, UCY excelled in all pillars of H2020 program. Since 2017, UCY has secured 3 Teaming in Excellence projects (for the development of independent research centres aiming at becoming Centres of Research Excellence).Two of these three grants are worth €15 million each.
  • ranked 1st in securing funding in the pillar “Spreading Excellence” among all organizations from the 27 widening countries. Under this pillar, UCY secured 21 research projects with total funding of €28.6 million (3 Teaming Phase 2 – €23million, 7 Teaming Phase 1 – €1million, 1 Era Chair – €2.5 million, 4 Twinning – €1.6 million and 6 Widening Fellowships – €911.647)

Since the establishment of the European Research Council in 2007, UCY has received the highest number of ERC grants in Cyprus. More specifically, it was awarded 6 Starting Grants (FP7 and H2020), 3 Consolidator Grants, 2 Advanced Grants and 6 Proof of Concept Grants. These numbers are impressive given that ERC funds only top researchers in Europe, excellence being the sole criterion for selection, and helps them pursue great ideas at frontiers of knowledge. UCY has secured 7 projects under the “Industrial Development” axis with 5 projects in Information and Communication Technologies, 1 project in Space Action and 1 in Advanced Manufacturing and Processing, as well as 1 project under the EURATOM initiative and 2 projects in the horizontal priority “Science with and for the Society”.

Currently, UCY implements 22 Marie Skłodowska-Curie projects. Apart from Individual Fellowships, it participates in ITN and RISE Actions. UCY has so far successfully implemented 64 Marie Skłodowska- Curie projects.

From the beginning of 2017 until February 2021, UCY secured over 164 research projects with total funding of over €30 million under the “RESTART 2016-2020 Programme for Research, Technological Development and Innovation” Cyprus (RIF).

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