January 26, 2022

YERUN Research Workshop on Digital Humanities (for members only)

12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

The Autonomous University of Barcelona calls researchers from YERUN member institutions to participate in the YERUN research Workshop on Digital Humanities* that will be held in Barcelona the 28th and 29th April 2022. 

The workshop intends to offer an opportunity to exchange research ideas, to gain a better understanding of complementary expertise in Digital Humanities (DH) and Digital Heritage as well to build new research links. The meeting will facilitate the development of ideas for new research projects, collaborations and future research priorities.

The 2022 meeting will be focused on two aspects of nowadays DH. Firstly, to be aligned with the EU international research project and a funding opportunity: the European Time Machine as a future research priority for Digital Humanities. Secondly, to provi- de a response to the employment market necessities: training on DH in the YERUN towards a new employment opportunity (Bachelor courses and Master’s Degrees).

The Time Machine Project is an international collaboration to build a map of European history that covers thousands of years using Big Data of the Past. With more than 600 institutions, research centres and companies it is the most ambitious and far-reaching project ever undertaken, revolutioning the way we experience European history and culture. TM aims to promote the future of European cultural heritage and facilitate scholarly and wider access to cultural heritage by reinforcing existing synergies.

* This research workshops is an outstanding activity from the YERUN Strategy 2017-2020 which was postponed, due to the pandemic. 

For more information about the workshop, please click here.

What are the participation modalities?

Attendance is not restricted: several of your researchers can register to the workshop.

In order to register, please complete the registration form via this link.

Reimbursement costs

Please note that only one person per member institution is entitled to have the travel and accommodation costs covered by YERUN under certain conditions**. Members are invited to organise internally and communicate the name of the person to be reimbursed to the YERUN Secretary General, Silvia Gomez (secretarygeneral@yerun.eu) and Oriol Vicente (Oriol.Vicente@uab.cat)

** Costs covered: accommodation one night (reservation made directly by UAB) and travel costs (average 200€).
The deadline for registration is 15 March 2022. However, for those researchers whose travel costs will be covered, it is recommended organising this as soon as possible.

YERUN Research Workshop on Digital Humanities (for members only)


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