March 20, 2018

YERUN Staff Training Week – Employability and Entrepreneurship


The University of Bremen organised on 14 and 15 March 2018, the first YERUN Staff Week of the year on the topic of “Entrepreneurship and Employability”.

If you couldn’t attend the event, do not worry! You can check the presentations, quotes and pictures from the speakers here below.

Prof. Dr. Jörg Freiling, Chair in Small Business and Entrepreneurship, Universität Bremen


“Living in a VUCA world, we need to change the way we change, think, innovate and practice entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship allows us to stay ahead of developments and trends – and to shape them. However, entrepreneurship in VUCA times is different: more disruptive, leaner and non-linear in nature”.

Presentation -> Employment and Entrepreneurship in the New Age – Implications for Entrepreneurship in Times of Disruption


Meike Goos (Universität Bremen)

“Universities are a key player for supporting entrepreneurship and employability. In Bremen, we bundled our resources: Together, the University, two Universities of Applied Science and the local development bank cooperate within the network BRIDGE.  Based on our different competences, the stakeholders in BRIDGE cover divers aspects of entrepreneurial support. We aim to ease the way mainly for students and researchers to become entrepreneurs and thus be prepared for their future careers.”

Presentation -> BRIDGE


Matej Meza (Universität Bremen)

“There are changes and challenges awaiting us in the future regarding employability. I see it as a challenge and opportunity.”

Presentation -> Mind the gap professional – preparing international students for the job market and the future as an entrepreneur

Presentation -> Bremen-Essex: comparing the structures and approaches to employability



Adriana Perez Encinas (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)

“Higher Education Institutions should provide with a comprehensive approach to employability options: locally, nationally and internationally”.

Presentation -> The case of the European Centre for Career Development and Entrepreneurship (ECCE) project



Ellen Bastiaens and Perry Heymann (Maastricht University)

“In the inspiring atmosphere at Kraftwerk, the accelator hub of the Municipality of Bremen, we enjoyed sharing our ambitions regarding the enhancement of employability of our students. To succeed in any intervention to support students in working on their employability we believe a strong connection is needed between competences within the curriculum as well as outside the curriculum and the (development of the) individual itself.”

Presentation -> Making the implicit, explicit


Kerstin Lange and Imke Girßmann (Universität Bremen

“BYRD – Bremen Early Career Researcher Development: How to support career paths of doctoral and postdoctoral researchers inside and outside academia

Presentation -> Early Career Researcher Development




Dave Stanbury (University of Essex)

“Education is the guidance of the individual towards a comprehension of the art of life; and by art of life I mean the most complete achievement of varied activity expressing the potentialities of that living creature in the fact of its actual environment… Each individual embodies an adventure of existence. The art of life is the guidance of this adventure.”

Whitehead (1929), Aims of Education cited in Palmer, J.A., (ed) (2001) Fifty Major Thinkers on Education From Confucius to Dewey. London: Routledge. p 200

Presentation -> Employability and Career Centres


See more photos of the event (Photo credits Matej Meza)

YERUN Staff Training Week – Employability and Entrepreneurship


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