June 4, 2024

Leading research and innovation organisations urge Europe to increase investments in knowledge capital

Europe, 4 June 2024 – In an open letter set to be published as part of the #ResearchMatters campaign, leading research and innovation organisations from across Europe are calling for significant increase in investment in research and innovation. This investment is deemed crucial to tackle the continent‘s most pressing challenges, such as climate change, the rising of artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, environmental and energy crises, threats to democracy and security, and pandemics. In recent years, North America and Asia have significantly increased their investments in research and innovation, leaving Europe at risk of falling behind. To remain competitive and to advance economic, ecological, and societal transitions, bold and immediate steps are required from European nations and the EU to significantly boost their research and innovation (R&I) funding.

The open letter calls for:

  1. Increase funding for R&I in Europe to over 3% of GDP within the European Union and across European countries.
  2. Double the budget for the EU‘s next research and innovation programme (FP10) to 200 billion EUR.
  3. Protect the latter by ring-fencing the budget.

Read the open letter


About the #ResearchMatters Campaign:

The #ResearchMatters campaign is a concerted effort by leading research and innovation organizations to advocate for increased investments in research and innovation in Europe. The campaign emphasises the importance of know- ledge creation and research-driven innovation in addressing the continent‘s most pressing challenges and securing a prosperous future for all Europeans.

More information about the campaign and the open letter can be found on the official website research-matters.eu.



About YERUN’s involvement in the campaign:

YERUN has been involved in the campaign since the very beginning and has taken part in its establishment and organisation.

YERUN’s commitment to advocating for increased funding and recognition for research and innovation is exemplified through our active involvement in initiatives like the Research Matters Campaign. Our positions and recommendations regarding the EU’s next research programme, FP10, are elaborated in detail in our latest paper “FP10: Attractive, impactful and inclusive”, published on 10 April.

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