May 13, 2024

YERUN joins the Research Matters Campaign

We are thrilled to announce that YERUN – Young European Research Universities Network – is part of the Research Matters campaign, which was launched today with great enthusiasm across Europe. This campaign marks a significant collaboration between European universities, research organisations, funding agencies, industry partners, and communication professionals, all united in a common cause: to advocate for increased funding and recognition for research and innovation.

Research and innovation serve as the bedrock of societal progress, enriching our understanding of the world and equipping us with the tools needed to address complex issues. With a call for increased investment in research and development (R&D) – targeting over 3% of GDP within the European Union and across all European countries – and advocating for a doubling of the budget for the EU’s next research programme, FP10, the campaign aims to foster innovation, sustainability, and competitiveness across various sectors.

The campaign is an initiative from EUPRIO – European Association of Communication Professionals in Higher Education, in collaboration with:
Coimbra Group
EASSH – European Alliance for Social Sciences and Humanities
European University Association
EuroTech Universities Alliance
The Guild of European Research-Intensive Universities
LERU – League of European Research Universities
Science Europe
UnILiON – Universities Informal Liaison Offices Network
YERUN – Young European Research Universities
University of Bergen (UiB)

YERUN’s commitment to advocating for increased funding and recognition for research and innovation is exemplified through our active involvement in initiatives like the Research Matters Campaign. Our positions and recommendations regarding the EU’s next research programme, FP10, are elaborated in detail in our latest paper “FP10: Attractive, impactful and inclusive”, published on 10 April.

Interested in joining the campaign? Check the website for more info.

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