May 22, 2024

Erasmus+ at UL: Where being abroad feels like home

At the heart of University of Limerick (UL) is an outward looking curiosity, a place where we embrace diversity, champion internationalisation, and as the Irish saying céad mile fáilte means, UL has one hundred thousand welcomes.

Erasmus+, and its predecessors Erasmus and Socrates, plays a pivotal role in how UL continues to look beyond the campus. University of Limerick has participated in the Erasmus programme since 1988 and has links with more than 350 partner institutions throughout Europe, offering a wide range of possibilities. UL has the largest outgoing cohort in Ireland with approximately 500 UL students studying abroad at European partner institutions each year. UL’s commitment to Erasmus has been recognised with the university being awarded Best Erasmus Programme by the Irish Education Awards in 2024 as well as in 2018, 2019 and 2020.

Making it easier

While it is always an exciting time for students ‘going on Erasmus’, it can also be a challenge for students making their way in a different country, speaking a different language. UL makes it as easy as it can for incoming students, so that they can ‘feel at home’. The UL Global team has put in place extensive support structures to endure students settle in quickly and get the best from their time here.

Future proofing

By welcoming students on the programme to UL and ensuring they enjoy themselves and help them get the most out of their stay can have additional benefits. They become champions and are invaluable in promoting UL to other prospective Erasmus students. It also makes it easier for students to make a decision where to study when it comes to any future studies.

Austrian student Viktoria Gerger from Vienna spent her Erasmus year in UL and her experience here led her to choose to return to UL for her Master’s Degree. Viktoria said: “I spent my one-year Erasmus exchange in UL and am now doing my Master’s in Applied Languages. “I loved studying at UL so much that I just had to come back for my postgrad. I am part of the International Society and the Skydive Club as well as part of the Buddy programme, which is my favourite because I get to help out new international students make the most of their time in Ireland.” The lived experience of Viktoria in UL was a factor in her decision to choose UL for her postgraduate course. This kind of validation can be invaluable when trying to differentiate UL over others in a crowded space when encouraging prospective students to choose UL.

Read Viktoria’s blog

Not just for students

The Erasmus+ Programme is not just for students. UL offers exciting funded opportunities for academic and support staff to teach or job-shadow/observe at partner institutions. There are undoubted benefits for staff in increased competencies in a new area contributing to your role or work area. Exchanging and sharing different practices such as teaching and learning methodologies, policies and systems implemented at partner institutions. And improved language and intercultural skills as well as cross cultural communication.

Mirroring the supports offered to students, UL Global outlines a 10 step process making it clearer for staff to navigate their way on their Erasmus+ journey. Equally, there is a similar process for staff wanting to come to UL on the programme.


UL helps to make the whole Erasmus+ programme as easy as possible as we understand and appreciate its importance. We want people to feel at home, while abroad.


In the picture: Student meeting on a Speed Friending event organised for international students by UL Global

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