May 22, 2024

Enhancing EU trust through Erasmus+: the STRATEGO Centre at UAntwerp

The University of Antwerp is very active in terms of Erasmus+ initiatives. The university is, among other things, engaged in staff and student mobility, and in blended intensive programmes. The Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence STRATEGO is a very exciting example of an Erasmus+ initiative in Antwerp.

Given the current tenuous state of trust between institutions and actors at different levels in the EU governance system, the STRATEGO Centre aims to teach, study and disseminate knowledge on the dynamics, causes and effects of trust between the actors and institutions involved in EU multi-level governance of sustainable development, with a focus on business and entrepreneurship, climate and biodiversity, and health policies. It does so through an interdisciplinary approach, developing synergies between research groups in law, political science, public administration, economics, biology and health sciences. In doing so, STRATEGO contributes to academic, practitioner and societal knowledge on the vital issue of trust and sustainability in the current EU governance system.

‘We see STRATEGO as an excellent vehicle to support EU-focused teaching, research and outreach objectives of its constituent partners in the faculties of Social Sciences, Law, Business and Economics, Science, and Medicine and Health Sciences at the University of Antwerp’, says Prof Peter Bursens. ‘STRATEGO will make the European context of the university more visible on campus, further strengthening the European profile of UAntwerp, fully in line with its European University status via the Young Universities for the Future of Europe (YUFE).’

In terms of teaching, STRATEGO functions as a hub for EU-related teaching in UAntwerp’s bachelor, master and post-graduate programmes of the listed faculties. As such, it not only reaches higher education students of European Union Studies, but also students who are not immersed in EU studies. In terms of research, STRATEGO facilitates and supports the development of joint research, the joint organisation of PhD training and the networking among early career academics. By leading research activities, the Centre promotes excellence in EU-related research as well as generate knowledge and insights that can support EU policymaking and strengthen the role of the EU in a globalised world.

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