April 24, 2024

Pooling knowledge to ensure a positive impact of Artificial Intelligence in teaching

Artificially intelligent systems such as ChatGPT present new challenges for teaching at universities. The University of Klagenfurt offers its lecturers from all disciplines accessible information and provides regular opportunities to discuss how AI can have a positive impact when it comes to teaching.

“In our courses, we provide our students with clear guidance on how to deal with AI-generated content and how to properly label it in seminar papers, for example,” Doris Hattenberger, Vice Rector for Education at the University of Klagenfurt, explains. To this end, a working group has formulated recommendations for teaching staff that also address the positive aspects of Artificial Intelligence. Doris Hattenberger points out that some of these effects may come up in the context of  examinations, to name just one example: “In view of the latest technological advances, it makes sense to not only ask students to deliver facts and definitions, but also to focus on their understanding of interrelationships and the skills that have been specified as learning outcomes. Ultimately, this also benefits the students.” Moreover, AI serves as an interesting sparring partner: “Lecturers can incorporate AI when preparing examination questions. For example, they can ask AI to provide arguments for and against a certain topic and then they can challenge the students to argue against these points in the examination.”

The range of subjects taught at the University of Klagenfurt is very broad. The expertise among the teaching staff varies accordingly. In collaboration with in-house and external experts, the Center for University Learning and Teaching at the University of Klagenfurt has compiled an online lecture series that is available to all staff. In addition to providing an introduction to the subject, there are short videos on AI tools, AI and ethics, AI and cybersecurity, and AI and sustainability. In addition, the Teaching Breakfast, which takes place twice a semester, regularly covers related topics. Here, in-house and external experts are invited to give keynote speeches, which are also shared with all staff in the form of videos once the event has taken place.


Photocredit: © Daniel Waschnig

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