April 24, 2024

Maastricht University and Artificial Intelligence

Maastricht University is actively incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into its curriculum, teaching methods, and research endeavours in an innovative way, aiming to leverage AI’s potential for the benefit of society. Here are some examples: 

The university offers a comprehensive master’s programme in Artificial Intelligence, equipping graduates to devise computational solutions for societal challenges and provide cutting-edge scientific and technological insights. This programme underscores the increasing importance of AI across various sectors and Maastricht University’s dedication to equipping students with advanced AI skills. 

Maastricht University is committed to integrating AI into education itself, ensuring its safe and effective incorporation into the Problem-Based Learning curriculum, aligning with the university’s core learning principles: Contextual, Collaborative, Constructive, and Self-Directed (CCCS). Through its AI Education Lab, Maastricht University explores and enhances AI integration in education through various projects. 

In research, Maastricht University explores AI’s impact on regulation and decision-making within international organisations, such as the United Nations, led by associate professor Michal Natorski. 

Additionally, Maastricht University’s Law and Tech Lab focuses on integrating AI into legal research and services, aiming to democratise access to legal advice and justice.

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