March 25, 2024

ExzellenziaUlm: A research prize to raise the profile of successful female scientists

Meet biologist Dr. Jana Riegger-Koch: She leads a junior group made up entirely of women in the Division for Biochemistry of Joint and Connective Tissue Diseases at the Clinic of Orthopedics at Ulm University Hospital. Riegger-Koch is focusing her research particularly on post traumatic arthrosis. This joint disease can occur after injuries in young and athletically active people, and it is therefore different from osteoarthritis in old age. Riegger-Koch is trying to elucidate the underlying processes that lead to irreversible degeneration of the joint cartilage and to develop new therapies against it. The 36-year-old scientist studied and completed her doctorate at Ulm University and has just been awarded the university’s ExzellenziaUlm research prize for excellent young female scientists, which is endowed with 5000 Euros.

With this annual award, Ulm University aims to raise the profile of successful female scientists who, through their outstanding scientific work, help to shape Ulm University as a scientific institution and act as an important role model for other female scientists and students. In this way, the university aims to encourage young female academics to embark on and pursue an academic career. The prize is also intended to counteract the drop-out of young female scientists and women scientists and to increase the proportion of women in leadership positions by specifically promoting young talent and increasing the attractiveness of an academic career.


Image: Dr. Jana Riegger-Koch; Photocredit: © Elvira Eberhardt / Uni Ulm

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