March 25, 2024

Best practice: UEF Gender Equality and Equal Opportunities Award

Every year, the University of Eastern Finland (UEF) organises the UEF Equality Day, which is devoted to themes addressing the promotion of equality, equal opportunities and inclusion at the university. Depending on the year, the programme may include lectures, panel discussions and presentations highlighting current issues in the university’s equality work, but a definite highpoint is always the announcement of the UEF Gender Equality and Equal Opportunities Award. 

The UEF Gender Equality and Equal Opportunities Award recognises valuable efforts and achievements by members of the academic community in promoting gender equality, equity and equal opportunities at the university. Past awardees have been recognised for dissolving inequalities in education and advocating the use of gender-neutral language, as well as for promoting the role of girls and women in science, and for providing easily accessible peer-to-peer counselling for students.

This year, the UEF Gender Equality and Equal Opportunities Award was presented to Professor Tarja Malm of the A.I. Virtanen Institute for Molecular Sciences in recognition of her successful efforts in promoting gender equality and equal opportunities in her research group. According to the award statement, Professor Malm has a unique ability to identify and recruit talented researchers based on their scholarly merits and skills, regardless of age, gender, nationality or conviction. Indeed, Professor Malm’s research group is a testament to this, as her group is international, with women and men at different career stages represented equally. In addition, her management style is described as open and conducive to collaboration.

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Image: Professor Tarja Malm.

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