February 14, 2024

Stories from the YERUN Open Science Awards 2022: Open Knowledge Initiative

Dr. Christos Laoudias, KIOS OA committee member

Open Knowledge Initiative by the KIOS Centre of Excellence, submitted by Dr. Christos Laoudias, Research Lecturer at UCY KIOS Centre of Excellence, and Dr. Maria Michalopoulou, Research Associate at UCY KIOS Centre of Excellence, on behalf of the KIOS Open Access committee, is one of the winning projects of the 2022 edition of the YERUN Open Science Awards. 

Dr. Maria Michalopoulou, KIOS OA committee member

The KIOS Centre of excellence at the University of Cyprus launched the Open Knowledge Initiative in 2017 to openly disseminate scientific results beyond the traditional academic dissemination channels. 

Marios Kyriakou, KIOS OA committee member

One year after receiving the award, Andreas Kasis, Research Lecturer UCY KIOS Centre of Excellence and member of the KIOS OA committee, shares with us an insightful video where they delve into the progress of their project’s follow-up. They also explore how the YERUN award has been instrumental in propelling Open Science initiatives within their institution and beyond.  

Andreas Kasis, KIOS OA committee member


The Open Knowledge Initiative by the KIOS Centre of Excellence stands as a beacon of Open Science, catalysing the dissemination of scientific results beyond traditional channels. Through their dedication and innovative approach, Dr. Christos Laoudias, Dr. Maria Michalopoulou, and the KIOS Open Access committee have demonstrated the transformative power of open knowledge in academia. Their commitment to advancing Open Science principles continues to inspire positive change, fostering collaboration and transparency within the research community.

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