November 8, 2023

YERUN Joins CoARA Boost Project for Research Assessment Reform

The Coalition for Advancing Research Assessment (CoARA) announced the launch of the CoARA Boost project which aims at accelerating the operational capacity of CoARA and catalysing a global shift in research assessment practices. It is therefore decisive in the global growth of the reform dedicated community, the further amplification of collaboration and the enhancement of knowledge exchange and mutual learning across the coalition.

YERUN, together with 9 more partners, will be involved in the three years project, and will collaborate closely in advancing the coalition’s objectives and accomplishing the project.

CoARA Boost represents a vigorous effort in strengthening the coalition’s operational capacity, the development of knowledge, policy evolution and institutional change in research assessment. Central is the building of robust communities of practice which will examine multiple pathways contributing to a systemic reform of the research assessment culture. CoARA Boost is strategically aligned with CoARA’s mission of reforming the assessment of research, researchers, and research organisations. Over the next 36 months, the project will focus on:

  • Catalyzing change through the CoARA Boost cascade funding program, facilitating institutional reform pathways for diverse organizations.
  • Expanding operational support, enabling varied approaches to knowledge sharing among coalition members.
  • Supporting signatories in executing their action plans towards the agreed-upon 10 commitments, establishing an observatory of responsible research assessment practices.
  • Providing operational assistance to Working Groups exploring new models of research assessment.
  • Expanding the outreach of European efforts globally, fostering international cooperation on research assessment evolution.

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