November 28, 2023

Compact and Flexible: The University of Klagenfurt Offers a Broad selection of Micro-credentials Courses

The University of Klagenfurt seeks to respond to current challenges and developments on the labour market by offering a wide range of Micro-credentials. These new courses launched in October 2023.

“Our Micro-credentials courses are as diverse as our range of degree programmes,” says coordinator Tanja Schuschnig, who oversees the development and expansion of the programme at the University of Klagenfurt. She goes on to explain: “We appeal to a wide range of target groups and support lifelong learning in the sense of pre-, up- and reskilling at the academic level.” The offer currently consists of nine courses and is continually expanding and adapting to the needs of people seeking further training and the requirements of the labour market.

The registration requirements for Micro-credentials (MC) are laid down in the respective curriculum. Some of the courses do not call for any specific prerequisites, while others require the general university entrance qualification or a completed degree. Tanja Schuschnig also sees an advantage for regular degree programmes: “Micro-credentials courses can also serve to establish initial contact with our university and spark interest in pursuing further studies.”

Micro-credentials are designed to cater to requirements in a compact and flexible manner. Accordingly, the scope of the courses is also kept manageable: Students must earn between 2 and 15 ECTS credits via classroom teaching, online teaching and self-study in order to successfully complete the courses and receive a certificate that not only serves as proof on their CV, but can also be credited towards a degree programme.  

The full range of microcredentials can be accessed at

Photocredit: © Daniel Waschnig

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