September 7, 2023

YERUN celebrates UK association to Horizon Europe

YERUN welcomes the news, eagerly awaited for a long time, of the United Kingdom (UK) association to Horizon Europe and Copernicus programmes. 

The association of the UK, home to three of our members, Brunel University London, University of Essex and University of Stirling, underscores the strength of our collaborative efforts and the enduring spirit of European scientific cooperation. 

Indeed, UK association marks a significant milestone in both, the country and European Union, commitment to fostering scientific collaboration, innovation, and research excellence. The UK’s involvement in Horizon Europe, the European Union’s flagship research and innovation programme that provides a platform for global cooperation in addressing some of the most pressing challenges of our time, showcases its determination to remain at the forefront of scientific advancement and collaborative efforts. 
From the very beginning, YERUN has actively supported and promoted a timely association, and it is now extremely enthusiastic in welcoming the agreement. 

Supported by this positive development, we will continue to foster research and innovation collaboration among our members across Europe. 

Prof. Snježana Prijić-Samaržija, YERUN President and Rector of the University of Rijeka: “We warmly welcome the UK association to Horizon Europe, a significant milestone for the UK and European research community. YERUN looks forward to continuing enhancing collaboration and knowledge exchange with the members from the UK and so contributing to the advancement of science in Europe” 

Prof. Andrew Jones, Brunel University London Vice-Chancellor: The final agreement on the UK association to Horizon Europe is a great news. We are excited about the opportunities this association presents for our research and researchers to engage in relevant projects and collaborate with colleagues across Europe.” 

Prof. Anthony Forster, University of Essex Vice-Chancellor: “The UK association to Horizon Europe opens important opportunities for our institution and the entire British research community, strengthening our dedication to advancing knowledge, fostering innovation, and nurturing the talent of our researchers.” 

Prof. Sir Gerry McCormac, University of Stirling Vice Chancellor and Universities U.K. International Policy Lead: “This collaboration not only reaffirms the UK commitment to fostering excellence in research and innovation but also underscores the importance of international partnerships in addressing European and global challenges.” 

Silvia Gomez Recio, YERUN Secretary General: “During these years, our UK members have continued collaborating and engaging actively with our European partners despite the lack of clarity on the UK association to Horizon Europe. We are proud of the resilience of our UK members during this time and while we are proud that collaborations never stopped among our members, this agreement brings clarity and support for stronger collaborations to come” 

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