July 25, 2023

From biotechnology to IT management: Continuing education for specialists and managers

From Biotechnology to IT Management: Continuing Education for Specialists and Managers

Absorbing new knowledge, training skills, expanding competencies: Lifelong learning is considered a guarantee of success in a rapidly changing world, especially for people in leadership positions. As a subsidiary of the University of Potsdam, UP Transfer GmbH recognises this and educates specialists and executives for the public and private sector.

Master of Business Administration

Sound management knowledge is crucial for entrepreneurial development and long-term success. The part-time MBA program at the University of Potsdam combines the fundamentals of economics with a strong practical orientation. Five industry specialisations are available: Biotechnology and Medical Technology, Health Economics, Information Technology, Innovative Technologies, and Negotiation Management.

Master of Public Management

Anyone who wants to promote reforms in public administration needs a new understanding of management and communication in addition to theoretical fundamentals. The international Master of Public Management programme, which is taught in English, imparts the relevant skills and application-oriented knowledge. Applications are open to anyone with a first academic degree in social or economic sciences, law, or natural sciences and, ideally, professional experience in the public sector, non-governmental organisations, or development agencies.

Master of European Governance and Administration

Today, the performance of governmental tasks in nearly every field takes place in a European or international context. Those who want to be successful here need a cross-border, European orientation, and profound knowledge of the political and legal environment. With this in mind, a Franco-German qualification programme was initiated in 2003 on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Elysée Treaty. It is aimed primarily at members of the senior civil service of both countries, but also at prospective executives from other EU member states and from countries with EU accession prospects. The two-year, part-time executive master’s program will be held at universities in Germany and France. The program is coordinated by a consortium office at UP Transfer GmbH at the University of Potsdam.

Intercultural Business Communication

In globally operating companies and international business organisations, the demand for multilingual communications and interculturally competent personnel is growing. This advanced master’s degree program imparts linguistic, country-specific, and cultural knowledge about the communication processes of companies in European and non-European countries. The aim is to identify and overcome weaknesses and potential for conflict in intercultural communication and thus to optimise internal and inter-company processes. In its interdisciplinary orientation, the programme is intended as a targeted professional qualification supplement and an expansion of the range of courses offered by the Faculty of Arts.

Demography-oriented Sports and Health Management

Demographic change is in full swing: Society is aging, and there is a shortage of skilled workers everywhere. A new part-time master’s degree programme shows how the challenges can be successfully mastered from different perspectives. Management qualifications are taught that place sport and health in the focus of corporate decision-making. Students acquire business management skills and learn about industry-specific methods and approaches. This continuing education programme is aimed in particular at working people, people with family responsibilities, people returning to work, and those with professional qualifications.


Problems and conflicts are part of life, whether in a partnership, in the family, or in professional life. For a variety of reasons, they often cannot be resolved. Mediation as a voluntarily chosen method of conflict resolution provides successful answers to this. The UP Transfer GmbH and the Law Faculty of the University of Potsdam offer interested parties the opportunity to train as mediators for the various social conflict areas over three semesters in a part-time certificate programme.

Special Pain Psychotherapy

In Germany, around 15 million people suffer from chronic pain. Special treatments can help them find their way back into work and everyday life. Together with the Institute for Behavioral Therapy Berlin, UP Transfer GmbH offers a part-time certificate programme to become a pain psychotherapist. Here, professionals from psychology and medicine learn how to diagnose and treat pain disorders, thus opening up a new professional perspective for themselves.

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