July 6, 2023

Blended Mobility, Innovative pedagogies and the Green Transition: a EULab event!

The final multiplier event of the EULab project, taking place on 21 September from 09:30 to 13:30 CEST in Brussels, provides an opportunity to discuss the role of Blended Mobility and Innovative Pedagogies in Education for Sustainable Competence Development. The concept of ‘sustainability competences’ as described in GreenComp, the European sustainability competence framework, covers the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed by learners of all ages to live, work and act in a sustainable manner (including critical thinking, systems and futures thinking).

GreenComp, as a new framework, requires tangible examples to be impactful. EULab will therefore be presented as a concrete example of how challenge-based, blended exchange learning experiences in the development of sustainability competences can contribute to the green and digital transitions. 

This half-day event offers an overview of Blended Mobility activities in European Higher Education and also presents the EULab Erasmus+ project as an example of Blended Mobility being applied to education for sustainability. Invited speakers will be invited to reflect on how they see Blended Mobility being used in international education in the future and its relationship to sustainability competence development.


Featured speakers:

  • Julie Anderson, Policy Officer at Directorate General for Education and Culture (DG EAC), European Commission
  • Chiara Colella, Policy Officer at the Young European Research Universities Network (YERUN)
  • Wim Gabriels, Director of the Erasmus Student Network
  • Prof. Jennifer Goodman, Audencia Business School 
  • Prof. Jan Hermes, Oulu University Business School
  • Prof. Robert O’Dowd, University of León
  • Angeliki Psychogyiou, Policy and Project Officer at Academic Cooperation Association
  • Dr. Annmarie Ryan, Project lead, EULab 
  • Sina Werner, University of Bochum

Moderator: Prof Catherine Morel, Audencia Business School


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Blended Mobility refers to the strategic combination of phases of online learning with periods of short physical mobility. This approach to international learning has gained considerable interest in European university education in recent years due to the introduction of Blended Intensive Programmes (BIPs) in the new Erasmus+ programme. Blended Mobility is seen as offering a more accessible and inclusive form of international learning for students who may not be able to engage in long-term student mobility programmes. It also offers the opportunity of integrating periods of international collaboration more effectively into the curriculum and into classroom practices.


About EULab:

EULab is an Erasmus+ co-funded project bringing together partners from University of Limerick (UL, Ireland)), Audencia Business School (France), University of Oulu Business School (Finland) and Universidad de León (Spain). EULab’s aim is to employ a blended mobility model to make impact on real challenges. EULab has enabled the partner universities to experiment and grow a novel education modality developed in UL, the Digital Futures Lab, toward the realisation of a European programme where student and faculty co-create challenge led, place based, studio learning to imagine and model sustainable futures. The programme aims to equip active citizenship toward regenerative futures using a heutagogical blended mobility model.

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