May 25, 2023

Sharing knowledge and boosting capacities: Erasmus+ project “NEON” unleashes a lasting impact

Erasmus+ is best known for encouraging the mobility of individuals from higher education institutions. Within this successful European education programme, the Key Action 2 track focuses specifically on promoting co-operation between universities and businesses, while also facilitating advances in digitalisation and supporting the development of innovative forms of teaching and learning. The overall aim is to pave the way for sustainable growth in Europe and to generate high-quality jobs. 

The University of Klagenfurt is home to “NEON: Network of Competence on Internet of Things”, an Erasmus+ lead project being undertaken by the Faculty of Technical Sciences as part of the programme’s “Capacity Building” track. Researchers hope to accelerate the development of information and communication technologies, particularly those related to the Internet of Things, in Argentina and Uruguay.

These two countries are facing a shortage of qualified staff in this field. NEON has been designed to improve and diversify the training provided to these skilled professionals at universities and in industry. To achieve this, a competence network for the Internet of Things is being developed in these South American countries.

This competence network serves as a hub and shared knowledge base for universities and for industry to promote greater technological progress in the field by pooling know-how and experience.  Moreover, teaching and training opportunities benefit teachers, staff and students, and the university infrastructure is continuously upgraded.


Photo credit: VICHIZH/Adobestock

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