April 24, 2023

Photonics Center – a knowledge valorisation platform for a brighter future

Located on the Joensuu Campus of the University of Eastern Finland, Photonics Center is a new kind of platform for knowledge valorisation where experts, equipment and tailored services meet and unite in an effort to build a brighter future. Founded in 2021 and kicking into full gear in 2022, Photonics Center supports companies operating in and around the photonics industry in business development, capital acquisition, co-marketing and networking, while also helping them to promote their innovations and to find new partners to boost growth.

The newly built and remodelled facilities of Photonics Center make state-of-the-art research infrastructure and services available to companies on a rental basis, eliminating the need to make expensive investments and commit capital, as companies can simply rent whatever piece of equipment they need. Having access to clean rooms, laboratories and office facilities, all in one location, enables increasingly cost-effective product development and prototyping.  

“Often in photonics, unique devices are needed for, for example, the characterization of optics. In Photonics Center, shared use of equipment is an important way of cooperation, leading to cost-efficiency and smart use of resources. At the same time, cooperation between companies and research is getting closer in a very natural way,” says Development Manager Juha Purmonen, who’s been involved in the establishment of Photonics Center since day one.

The vision of Photonics Center is to bring together and unite people and organisations operating in the photonics industry, but it’s worth noting that the centre itself is the result of people and organisations coming together and joining forces. Photonics Center is a partnership between Business Joensuu, the University of Eastern Finland, Karelia University of Applied Sciences and Riveria Vocational School, all bringing their own services, infrastructure and expertise into the photonics ecosystem and fostering various synergies.

“Photonics research carried out at the University of Eastern Finland is international and of a high scientific standard, generating interdisciplinary research knowledge and solutions to global challenges. The role of Photonics Center is to enable the transformation of research and innovation results into solutions that benefit society. Corporates are important partners for universities in maximizing this impact,” says Minna Hendolin, Director of Impact at the University of Eastern Finland.

Photonics Center website: https://photonicscenter.fi/

Photo credits: Joni Andersin/Photonics Center.

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