March 29, 2023

First CoARA call for Working Groups Proposals

On 28 March 2023, CoARA launched its first call for Coalition members to propose Working Groups. The call welcomes all CoARA members to hold diverse and robust exchanges of knowledge, learn from manifold experiences and result in outputs that will help CoARA members in actualising the commitments agreed upon when becoming a member of the Coalition. The objective is to find in total 8 to 10 Working Groups in 2023.

The submission process is structured in three stages: The submission of Expression of Interest (latest by 27th April), community discussion, leading to the submission of a full Working Group proposal (by 6th June). This call addresses three types of Working Groups: interest communities, discipline communities, and institution communities.

About the working groups:

Working Groups are central to CoARA’s mission to enable systemic reform of research assessment. Based on a bottom-up approach with members’ voluntary involvement, Working Groups operate as ’communities of practice’, providing mutual learning and collaboration on specific thematic areas. Participating members exchange knowledge, learn from each other’s experience, discuss and develop outputs to advance research assessment and support the implementation of members’ commitments.


About YERUN’s involvement in CoARA:

The involvement of YERUN in CoARA is a natural continuation of our network’s commitment towards advancing academic careers, in line with our strategy “Enabling Talent to Grow” and the specific strategic priority area on Talent Development. 

YERUN has been strongly involved in the process leading to the reform of Research Assessment since the very beginning of the initiative. It has been part of the Core Group supporting the development of the Agreement, and since September, it is member of the Implementation Group that has advised the development of the CoARA initiative. In light of its strong commitment, YERUN values its future involvement in CoARA and will contribute at the best of its possibilities for the initiative to be useful, relevant and a real enabler of change. 


You can find more information about the call here.

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