February 17, 2023

YERUN Research Mobility Awards 2021: Discover Olta Manjani’s research collaboration!

“Thanks to YERUN Research Mobility Awards I was able to collaborate and conduct research with distinguished academic staff at Ulm University in Germany. This was a very unique and enriching experience, both as a student and researcher, as it opened up new perspectives in terms of future collaborations, in academia and beyond. This collaboration with such excellent project and team was finalised with a presentation of my research at the PhD seminar of Ulm University, where I got the chance to discuss my findings and receive valuable feedback from the professors and students. The final output of my research has reached the standards of an academic publication, adding to the portfolio of my research work as an economist at the Central Bank. This experience served as a good omen not only for my graduation with a PhD in Banking and Finance from the University of Rome Tor Vergata with excellent rating, but also for my further professional career advancement.”


About the collaboration:

In the context of YERUN Research Mobility Award, Olta Manjani, collaborated with professor Gunter Löffler from Ulm University in Germany, supported also by her advisor at University of Tor Vergata, professor Gianluca Mattaroci. This team collaboration was focused on the research topic of “Bank profitability determinants in the Central and Southeastern European banking system”. At the end of this collaboration, Professor Löffler invited Olta Manjani to present her research results at the Brown Bag Seminar (Winter term 2021/22) of Ulm University, which is a PhD seminar of this university, where students and researchers present their state-of-the-art research.


About Olta Manjani:

Olta Manjani was appointed Deputy Minister of Finance and Economy in Albania in December 2021. She comes from a long experience as an economist at the Bank of Albania (2008-2021), in the Monetary Policy Department. She also has worked as an assistant lecturer at Tor Vergata University of Rome (2020-2021), part-time lecturer at the University of Tirana, Faculty of Economics (2006-2007); “Visiting Researcher” at the Graduate Institute Geneva in Switzerland (2014-2015); consultant in the Clean Score project (AADF), translation & adaptation of university academic textbooks (2017-2021); researcher and consultant of IPA funded projects, “Vulnerability Gap Analysis” etc. She is the author of several studies and scientific articles in the field of finance and banking, published in peer-reviewed journals. She is fluent in English and Italian, and also speaks some Greek, Turkish and French.

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