February 24, 2023

YERUN and its members renew their support to Ukraine

One year has passed since Russia invaded Ukraine. Many have lost their lives, houses, families and freedom. Among these, many colleagues from the university sector suffered important losses and have been prevented from developing their studies and research. Unfortunately, one year after, war is still reigning in Europe. This is why, on this sad anniversary, YERUN reiterates its support to Ukraine, Ukrainians and the Ukrainian Science and Research Community.

With a view to connecting the many ongoing initiatives of support from the academic sector, we would like to recall an article we wrote last year that collects the numerous initiatives promoted by our members to support students, researchers and refugees affected by the war. The article is up-to-date and shows that help can be provided in different ways: supporting students and researchers affected by the war; cutting collaboration ties with Russia; supporting Ukrainian refugees in partnership with local communities; sharing academic expertise to help understand the situation; creating virtual and physical spaces to connect; and sharing personal stories of courage and generosity.

These initiatives make us realise that everyone can and should play their part in ensuring that peace and rule of law are restored.

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