February 21, 2023

What’s next? – How UAntwerp stimulates post docs with career options within and outside academia

The University of Antwerp encourages PhD-students and postdoctoral researchers to explore the opportunities for international and intersectoral mobility within the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions programme (MSCA). The University also stimulates them to participate in Career Sessions and Interuniversity Career Lunches through our Talent Center.

Researchers are very passionate about their job. But, for many (post) doctoral researchers, they also raise imminent questions concerning the further development of their career. The researchers struggle with the uncertainty of their employment status and often feel insecure when it comes to planning. Thus, reflection, insight and being well informed are crucial pieces to solving the career puzzle.

By equipping researchers with new knowledge and skills and providing them with an international as well as inter-sectoral exposure, the MSCA, supported by the European Commission, strongly contributes to developing career opportunities for young researchers. By investing in the long-term careers of excellent early career researchers through different programmes, the MSCA helps build Europe’s capacity for research and innovation:

MSCA Doctoral Networks

Doctoral Networks implement doctoral programmes, by partnerships of universities, research institutions and infrastructures, businesses including SMEs, and other socio-economic actors from different countries across Europe and beyond. The MSCA Doctoral Networks respond to needs in various research and innovation areas, expose the researchers to the academic and non-academic sectors, and offer research training, as well as transferable skills and competences relevant for innovation and long-term employability. Positions for PhD vacancies funded by MSCA Doctoral Networks are published on EURAXESS.

MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowships

The Postdoctoral Fellowships action targets researchers holding a PhD who wish to carry out their research activities abroad, acquire new skills and develop their careers. PFs help researchers gain experience in other countries, disciplines, and non-academic sectors. Interested in having UAntwerp as your host? Check this call for applicants. Researchers from UAntwerp can also apply for this type of fellowship through these MSCA matchmaking options.


A COFUND action provides funding for regional, national and international programmes for training and career development, through co-funding mechanisms. The YUFE4Postdocs program, for instance, aims to attract and train future proof-researchers, building bridges between academia and society. More info here.

UAntwerp also has a Talent Center for Early-Career Researchers in which they can get individual job coaching, there’s a mentoring initiative with academic mentors, as well as career sessions & lunches: This year UAntwerp offers a number of live career sessions, while also joining forces with the other Flemish universities, presenting multiple virtual career lunches organized as part of the Interuniversity Job Market for Young Researchers. During the virtual career lunches, different companies introduce themselves and their job opportunities.

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