January 26, 2023

USN in 2023 – New possibilities in research and flexible education

For USN, 2023 could be a major-changing, though challenging, year both in education and research – as the University is facing the roll-out of its participation in the European university initiatives as well as the establishment of new strategic investments in research areas.  

USN is working to make education and research more accessible, and more relevant and interesting to a greater number of people. USN knows that more equal access to knowledge helps to break down social barriers and promotes opportunities for societal inclusion and participation. 

“USN Flexible” is the University newest project to strengthen and coordinate the university’s efforts for lifelong learning. USN will offer educations that provide knowledge that is in demand in working life, use new technology and pedagogy to design programmes that are adapted to the students’ needs, regardless of time and place. Progression, assessment form and content are to be further developed. The project will also initiate research so that new knowledge is created, working closely with companies and the public sector in the region in order to create new options.

In research – establishing new strategic priorities for the period 2023-2026 will have an impact on future development. The initiatives will constitute a gathering of forces across departments and faculties at USN and contribute to professional profiling of the research activities at the university. Strategies will facilitate synergies between research and education, and strengthen cooperation between professional environments to contribute to solving global and national societal challenges in a regional context. Research will also be involving extensive cooperation with external actors in the region for a coordinated, knowledge-based and sustainable restructuring of social and working life.

Furthermore, since USN joined the European university alliance EDUC in January 2022, lots of effort has been put into creating a new platform for cooperation within the next phase of EDUC – European Digital UniverCity. The new year has started with a kick-off in Castellón, Spain, with all the alliance partners joining in for an event to start up the phase of EDUC II. The alliance connects the universities and languages, the different disciplines and faculties and a large number of students, researchers, teachers and staff.

USN is well established with eight campuses that cover a large part in the south-east of Norway. USN has an important daily job to do at the university, but both EDUC and YERUN open the door and provide great opportunities for cooperation with the world.

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