January 26, 2023

University of Limerick research focus: Discovering new materials for a better world

University of Limerick’s motto ‘Eagna chun Gnímh’ translates as Wisdom for Action, reflecting its mission to contribute to the discovery of new knowledge for a better world.  

The phrase underpins the University’s new Research Strategy: Wisdom for Action 2022-2027, which sets out a mission to build a vibrant community where research excellence is valued, supported and central to all facets of the organisation.

It sits well with UL@50, University of Limerick’s Refreshed Strategic Plan, that sets out the University’s ambitions and plans and looks to the future of the institution as it marks its 50th anniversary, with new senior leadership in place and the first female President of any Irish higher education institution at the helm.

At its heart is the vision to create a destination of excellence in education, research and innovation that will attract the highest calibre staff and the best students from all sections of society, both in Ireland and abroad, ensuring Limerick and the Mid-West are recognised as great places to live and work.

UL’s mission is to build on the expertise of the University scholars in creating, harnessing and imparting knowledge for the benefit of its students and the enrichment of its community’. One of the key priorities in the strategic plan is that UL would become a ‘research-led university anchored in the Mid-West with global reach’.

UL is also advocating a mission-based approach for decisions and actions to shape the future of higher education, research, and the organisation itself through its Sustainability Framework 2030.

UL Vice President Research Professor Norelee Kennedy explains: “We are committed to the development and implementation of a holistic approach to sustainable development, in partnership with the communities we serve, locally and regionally and through our national and international alliances. Our aim is to enable our students, graduates and staff to be ‘active citizens’ who contribute to the well-being and future of our planet.

“UL research is addressing a number of global challenges including affordable and clean energy, sustainable cities and communities, climate action and public health.  By working together across disciplines, our community is achieving fundamental breakthroughs whilst ensuring research is rapidly translated into economic and social impacts for Ireland and beyond.  

“Our research addresses areas of importance to our society such as education, languages, creativity, healthcare, complexity in contemporary and historical contexts, and social inclusion and has significant impact on sectors that are vital to our economy such as pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, software, med-tech, food, communications, energy, finance and the public sector,” Professor Kennedy adds.

A new Stay Curious for Research campaign being run by UL this year has a key focus on placing sustainability at the heart of everything UL does. Its discoveries in materials science, energy and environment, circular economy and food security are critical to supporting a more sustainable future for all communities.

Professor Mike Zaworotko and Dr Sarah Guerin outline how the research happening right now at University of Limerick is helping to move us closer to a more sustainable society.

Watch here.


Caption for image: Professor Michael Zaworotko, Bernal Chair of Crystal Engineering, UL with Dr Sarah Guerin, Lecturer in Sustainable Energy Harvesting SSPC & Department of Physics, Bernal Institute, UL Picture: Alan Place

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