January 26, 2023

University of Konstanz: Focus on sustainability

Sustainability in all its facets will be one of the key topics for the University of Konstanz in 2023: by choice, in numerous projects and initiatives that the University of Konstanz has already launched or is currently planning, but also by necessity, due to the war in Ukraine and its global impact on the distribution and availability of resources. Two international sustainability activities at the University of Konstanz scheduled for 2023 are the implementation of first measures in the framework of the “Nature Positive Universities” initiative and hosting this year’s “HUMANE Sustainability Summit”.

Nature Positive Universities
In December 2022, the global Nature Positive Universities initiative was launched at the UN Biodiversity Conference (COP 15) with the aim of steering the world’s higher education sector towards a more sustainable future. The University of Konstanz was among the 117 founding members from all over the world, who had already taken the initiative’s pledge before its official announcement in Montreal.

With its pledge, the University of Konstanz has committed to four core tasks: (1) evaluating the initial situation; (2) setting measurable goals to promote biodiversity; (3) implementing measures to protect biodiversity; and (4) transparent annual reporting. The measures that will be implemented in 2023 focus on promoting biodiversity on and around the campus. They include land restoration projects, information events and the efforts to conserve locally endangered plants in the university’s Botanical Garden. You can find more information about the University of Konstanz’s contribution in the university’s press release on the initiative.

HUMANE Sustainability Summit
What can universities do to engage their student bodies in meaningful partnerships? This is the central question at this year’s Sustainability Summit of Europe’s international network for higher education professionals (HUMANE). Under the motto “Partnering with our students to achieve more sustainable universities”, the University of Konstanz will host the summit on 8-9 May 2023.

Staff members from all HUMANE partner institutions, including ten YERUN members, are invited to attend the summit and to participate in the programme. More information on the event is available on the HUMANE website.

Contact: Hilmar Hofmann, Chief Officer Sustainability at the University of Konstanz


Credit for the photo: Dreisatz / University of Konstanz.

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