January 26, 2023

Sustainability to become the fundamental guiding principle of the University of Bremen

The University of Bremen is Modernizing its mission statement: sustainability, climate justice, and climate neutrality are becoming pivotal.

It’s a sweeping change. The University of Bremen is changing its mission statement, which is now more than 20 years old: the topics of climate and sustainability are to be given particular significance. This was decided by the Academic Senate in April 2022. Previously, a strong signal was sent with the establishment of a commission for sustainability, climate justice, and climate neutrality. For students and staff, this further development of the university means that the topic will play a major role in all areas in the future.

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About the Picture: There are many specific climate protection activities on campus. For example, the university obtains all its energy requirements from green electricity, and an employee initiative operates solar panels on university rooftops.
Copyright: Carlo Kanthak / Universität Bremen

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