January 26, 2023

More knowledge from data: University of Klagenfurt to launch new degree programme “Management, Economics, and Data Science” in autumn 2023

Data represent the most important currency of our time. So, it is all the more important to train more people to get the very best out of data. From autumn 2023, the University of Klagenfurt will be offering students a new English-language Master’s programme in “Management, Economics, and Data Science”.

The internationally renowned faculty teaching in the Master’s degree programme head up international research projects aimed at gaining scientifically sound insights from Big Data. They calculate and analyse crucial economic interrelationships. Examples include the impact of specific marketing measures on market demand or the composition of optimally performing teams in business organisations. They collaborate on the concept of the Sharing Economy, which has the potential to change the transport and logistics industry for good, but also on issues of health economics, such as the impact of parenthood on health and mortality. Economic success, the realisation of environmental goals, our social coexistence: Nowadays, all of this relies heavily on the skilful use of data.

In order to generate a maximum of useful knowledge from Big Data, we need innovative and powerful tools. At the University of Klagenfurt, students will learn how to harness and develop these tools from winter semester 2023/24 onwards. The programme delivers insight into a broad spectrum of data analytical tools designed to solve complex business and economic questions. What is distinctive about the degree programme is its solid quantitative orientation, which builds on the instruction on statistical, mathematical and analytical methods. Students can choose one of two majors: “Business Analytics” and “International Business and Economics”. The programme is aimed at Bachelor graduates with knowledge in the fields of business administration, mathematics and statistics. For more information visit https://www.aau.at/en/master-meds.


Photographer’s note: Arnold Pöschl.

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