January 26, 2023

Dies Natalis of Maastricht University: Focus on interdisciplinary science

When it comes to technology, Maastricht University (UM) keeps evolving and improving. This technological innovation reinforces the best and worst of human nature. UM believes it is up to universities to consider the potential deeper effects of new technologies carefully and in an interdisciplinary way. This is how the University does justice to its role as a catalyst of innovation. This important theme will be the focus of the 47th Dies Natalis of Maastricht University.  

During this year’s Dies Natalis, Prof. Robert S. Langer receives the Maastricht University honorary doctorate for his impressive and influential contributions to science and business. He is scientist, chemical engineer, entrepreneur and Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Prof. Langer is a role model for interdisciplinary science.

Read more about Prof. Langer’s career in academics and business.

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