December 1, 2022

The Process towards the Reform of Research Assessment continues with YERUN playing an important role in it

Today the CoARA Constitutive Assembly took place. The participation was restricted to the organisations that signed the Agreement of Reforming Research Assessment by the deadline of 17 November 2022, and the ones whose CoARA membership was confirmed.

In this context, the CoARA governance and operations documents were formally adopted and followed by the elections of the Chair, the Vice-Chairs, and the other Steering Board members. Furthermore, the Secretariat was appointed, and the preliminary work plan and budget were presented and approved. 

YERUN congratulates the Chair, Prof. Rianne Letschert, President of Maastricht University and Member of YERUN that, together with Maastricht University and Universiteiten van Nederland, was the nominating organisation, and strongly supported the candidacy of the elected Chair.

Congratulations also to the Vice-Chairs, Karen Stroobants, and Elizabeth Gadd, and the members of the Steering Board: Lidia Borrell-Damian, Paul Boyle, Yensi Alejandra Florex Bueso, Matthias Koenig, Eva Méndez, Menico Rizzi, Sylvie Rousset, and Toma Susi.

We look forward to continuing our involvement under Prof. Rianne Letschert’s leadership! 


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