December 22, 2022

Looking forward to successful cooperations

In view of the current global crises, universities around the world are still navigating difficult waters. COVID, Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, the energy crisis and climate change are hovering over everything. One crisis has followed another, and this is also affecting universities, their students and faculty. But if you spend time on campus and talk to people, you realize: the mood is good; we won’t be intimidated.

The winter semester 2022/23 is primarily designed as a classroom semester. Nothing can replace teaching and learning together on campus. We are doing everything we can to ensure that the University of Potsdam can be fully utilised as a place for teaching and research.

In Potsdam, we are currently engaged in intensive preparations for the next round of the Excellence Strategy. The plan is to enter the race with three cluster applications, namely on the topics of ecology, cognition, and climate and water.

I am therefore looking into the future with great optimism, and I am looking forward to continued, successful cooperation.

With this in mind, it is my pleasure to wish all YERUN members – our students, researchers and staff – happy and tranquil hours with your loved ones, happy holidays, and a healthy and prosperous 2023.

Prof. Oliver Günther, President of University of Potsdam

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