December 22, 2022

Collaboration and collective action

As 2022 comes to a close, here at the University of Stirling we are celebrating our first year as YERUN members.

After a number of challenging years, we were delighted to be recognised for our commitment to excellence in research and education and relished the opportunity to work across the network, in both joint research and teaching initiatives and maximise mobility, research capacities and employability of our graduates. 

As recent world events – including the devastating and continuing war in Ukraine – have shown, there has never been a greater need for collaboration and collective action, and YERUN, through its ability to build bridges between people and institutions across the European area, plays a leading role in strengthening and facilitating that much needed cooperation.

Looking ahead, we are eagerly anticipating the arrival of researchers Tim Groenland of the University of Limerick and Adrián Santamaría and Jesús Pinto Freyre, both of Autonomous University of Madrid, as part of the YERUN Research Mobility Awards. As their hosts, we look forward to supporting these new research collaborations and the enriching opportunities it will bring for all parties.

To all our YERUN friends, I send my best wishes for Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Professor Sir Gerry McCormac, Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Stirling 

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