November 10, 2022

YERUN position on the agreement of research assessment and the CoARA initiative

Following the decision of its Executive Board and the approval of its member institutions, today, YERUN official signed the Agreement on Reforming Research Assessment and expressed its willingness to join the Coalition for Advancing Research Assessment (CoARA).  

The involvement of YERUN in CoARA will be a natural continuation of our network’s commitment towards advancing academic careers, in line with our strategy “Enabling Talent to Grow” and the specific strategic priority area on Talent Development. 

YERUN has been strongly involved in the process leading to the reform of Research Assessment since the very beginning of the initiative. It has been part of the Core Group supporting the development of the Agreement, and since September, is member of the Implementation Group that has advised the development of the CoARA initiative. In light of its strong commitment, YERUN values its future involvement in CoARA and will contribute at the best of its possibilities for the initiative to be useful, relevant and a real enabler of change. 

Contextually with the signature, the network published a position paper with suggestions to be considered within the implementation of the initiative and more specifically towards the 1st Constitutive Assembly of CoARA. 

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