October 24, 2022

University of Rijeka: Open University for Open Science

The University of Rijeka is a socially responsible and open university, open to foreign students, teachers, and researchers, but also current trends in higher education.

As the University of Rijeka strives to be the European university of the future, they promote values such as responsibility, innovation, and connectivity. Being strongly committed to the integration of Open Science among its researchers and scientists, UNIRI was the first university in Croatia to adopt an Open Science policy in 2021.

By adopting the OS Policy, the University of Rijeka additionally encourages its constituents to
recognize open scientific information and open research data as key research outcomes. The
University OS Policy marks the beginning of a process based on the active involvement of all research stakeholders and it is based on the principles of openness, quality, and accessibility.

Shortly after the adoption of the Open Science policy, the University Library Rijeka established the Center for Open Science and Management of Scientific Information.

The Center supports research stakeholders of the University of Rijeka in implementing open science practices and conducts workshops and training to increase awareness and knowledge about the importance of open scientific information and research data.

The center regularly hosts workshops and events on Open Science, and its members are also part of the team of Open Science Trainers in the DIOSI project’s Train the trainer program for doctoral candidates and early career researchers.

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