September 1, 2022

Toward a Reform on Research Assessment: The Agreement on Research Assessment is published and ready for signatories

The final version of the Agreement on the reform on research assessment was published last 20 July 2022, after 6 months of consultation and a co-creation process involving a large number of stakeholders. The process towards the development of an Agreement on the reform on research assessment started in January 2022 under the leadership of the European University Association, Science Europe and the researcher Dr. Karen Stroobants that, supported by the European Commission, has engaged with more than 350 organisations from 40 different countries over this period.

As a result of the extensive consultation undertaken by the European Commission during 2021, a Scoping Report was published in November 2021. The organisations involved in this process and subscribing to the principles outlined in this report have been part of the Stakeholders Assembly that was consulted during the preparation of the agreement.

The composition of the assembly is very diverse and represents a variety of views and perspectives, bringing together public and private research funders, universities, research centres, institutes and infrastructures, associations, and alliances, national, and regional authorities, accreditation and evaluation agencies, learned societies and associations of researchers, and other relevant organisations.

In addition, a smaller group of stakeholders was invited to be part of a Core Group, that supported the drafting of the Agreement, where Yerun has been proudly represented by its Secretary General, Silvia Gómez.

With the aim to maximise the quality and impact of research, the Agreement sets a shared direction for principles in assessment practices for research, researchers, and research performing organisations.  Furthermore, principles, commitments, and a timeframe for reforms are laid out as well as the principles for the creation of a Coalition of organizations committed to working together for advancing on implementing the reform.

The idea behind the Agreement is that researchers and research organisations should recognise the diverse outputs, practices and activities that maximise the quality and impact of research and this requires basing assessment more on qualitative judgement, contrary to what happens nowadays being predominantly dominated by quantitative metrics.

Organisations involved in the assessment of research and on research in general and organisations working with researchers are invited to sign the Agreement and to join the Coalition.

While the collection of signatures will be launched during the Research and Innovation Days on 28 September, early signatures are welcome and should be sent by email to Lidia Borrell-Damian, Secretary-General of Science Europe at and to Stephane Berghmans, Director of Research & Innovation at the European University Association at

You can read more on the European Commission website, on the European University Association website and on Science Europe website.

About Yerun’s role in this project: This project has been a part of Yerun’s work since it was launched by the European Commission. Immediately responding to the call for participation, the organization took part in the Core Group, which represents the diversity of the European research community, and contributed to the writing of the Agreement.

In addition, Yerun will now take part in the “Implementation Group” which is responsible for preparing the governance and operational aspects of the future Coalition for advancing research assessment.

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