April 28, 2022

Educating for sustainability – examples from NOVA University Lisbon

“The Managing Impactful Projects’ course introduced me to the language of the SDGs, giving me a broader understanding of the concept of impact and how it can be applied to the context of different organizations. The opportunity to co-create with a real organization during such unprecedented times made me aware of the challenges organizations are currently facing in implementing and measuring their impactful initiatives.” Sofia Geraldo, NOVA School of Business and Economics

NOVA assumes sustainability in its core missions, as stated in the University’s Sustainability Policy. Education plays a central role, reflected both in the curricula and the engagement with local communities.

  • Curricula 

A multitude of courses already align its syllabus and methods with Sustainable Development Goals. An example is the course “Management Impactful Projects” at NOVA School of Business and Economics, which challenges the students to engage with an external organization to co-create sustainable solutions to overcome existing problems and foster the organizational contribution to the 2030 Agenda. This and other examples can be read in NOVA’s Sustainability Map.

  • Educating for sustainability through volunteering

NOVA’s volunteering program, approved in October 2020, takes students’ education also as a matter of responsible citizenship, by developing personal skills through activities based on values such as solidarity, tolerance, respect, resilience, and acceptance, ultimately making a change in the students to become active citizens. Complementary to the academic degree, these activities give students a Citation of Citizenry in their diplomas. Students are encouraged to draft their social CV and to engage with local organizations. See more.

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