March 28, 2022

Konstanzia Programme: Tailored support for every career stage

To support female researchers as well as researchers whose identity varies from traditional gender norms (e.g. trans-, inter- or agender) in their academic careers, the Equal Opportunity Office at the University of Konstanz launched its Konstanzia Programme in 2020.

The programme consists of four support modules: Konstanzia MEiN, Konstanzia Fellowship, Konstanzia Duo, and Konstanzia Transition. The focus of the programme is on mentoring and strategic networking, but it also includes co-funding opportunities and additional non-monetary support measures. Each module was developed to provide assistance at a particular career level:

The Konstanzia MEiN (Mentoring with Experts and international Networking) module is aimed at doctoral researchers. It includes one-to-one career mentoring with an international professor, a research stay abroad at the professor’s institution, for which travel expenses are covered, and workshops on topics such as strategic career planning, communication, or self-presentation. The goal is to encourage and support early career researchers with pursuing an academic career and enlarging their networks. 

The Konstanzia Fellowship supports postdoctoral researchers on their last steps towards obtaining a professorship. The duration of the fellowship is two years. It includes mentoring with a professor as well as regular meetings of the fellows. Other support measures, such as coaching, training and co-funding, are possible.

The Konstanzia Duo module addresses early career researchers in leading positions, such as junior research group leaders or junior professors, who are new to the University of Konstanz. It comprises one-to-one mentoring as well as different networking events and involving mentees in committees. The aim is to welcome the researchers to the university, to familiarize them with the internal structures and processes, and to expand their networks.

The Konstanzia Transition module provides bridging funding for researchers who need financial assistance for a very limited period during a short-term emergency. The funding supports researchers who, for example, experience a delay in their qualification process due to chronic illness, family emergencies or problems with supervisors. 

For more information about equal opportunity initiatives at the University of Konstanz, please visit the website of the Equal Opportunity Office.

Contact: Tanja Edelhäußer, deputy director of the Equal Opportunity Office 

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Light shining through the colorful glass roof in the foyer of the University of Konstanz. © University of Konstanz

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