February 27, 2022

University of Konstanz: Open Science as a guiding principle

The University of Konstanz is one of the first German universities to adopt an Open Science Policy and declare a broader understanding of open research culture as one of its guiding principles.

Making all parts of the scientific process openly accessible and usable for others: this is the main target of the Open Science Policy the University of Konstanz Senate adopted in November 2021. This makes the University of Konstanz one of the first German universities to officially declare the fundamentals of Open Science as a guiding principle. 

The Open Science Policy of the University of Konstanz unites and updates two existing university policies which enable unlimited free access to scientific and scholarly publications (Open Access) and the sustainable publication and archival of research data (research data management). The new policy complements the existing ones by adding new fields of action in educational material, science communication, software and public sector data.

“As a university, Konstanz stands for a culture that promotes the free exchange of ideas. Our Open Science Policy reflects how we see research: open, transparent and sustainable”, says University of Konstanz rector, Professor Katharina Holzinger.

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In line with its Open Science Policy, the University of Konstanz launched a new repository for research data in December 2021: KonDATA. This service offers Konstanz-based researchers an easy and convenient way to publish their research data in a visible and citable way and guarantees long-term storage of the data on the servers of the University of Konstanz. 

The data published on KonDATA are made available to colleagues and the public under an open license. When using KonDATA, researchers are advised and supported by Team Open Science of the University’s Communication, Information, Media Centre (KIM), which is available as a contact for all questions regarding the repository itself and the publication and management of research data.

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Contact: Matthias Landwehr, Head of Team Open Science, KIM, University of Konstanz

Cover photo: University of Konstanz

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