February 27, 2022

Six Citizen Science projects are underway at NOVA School of Social Sciences and Humanities (NOVA FCSH)

Citizen Science is one of the pillars of Open Science. It consists of the active involvement and contribution of the non-academic public in scientific research activities. NOVA FCSH hosts 6 of these projects:

  • #ECOS – Exiles, to counter silence: memories, objects and narratives of uncertain times” studies the memory of Portuguese exile in Europe during the 1960s and 1970s. 

Principal researcher: Sónia Ferreira

Research unit: CRIA

  • Memory for All” promotes the study, organization and dissemination of Portuguese heritage. The contents are collected with the participation and involvement of citizens and institutions and are available in open access.

Principal researcher: Maria Fernanda Rollo

  • COVID Memory” is setting up an open access collection that reflects on how the pandemic has been experienced in Portugal, from private to public space, from illness to cure.

Principal researcher: Helena da Silva

Research unit: IHC

  • ArtCitizenship – Youth and the Arts of Citizenship: creative practices, participatory culture and activism” focuses on how different youth protagonists, individually or collectively, engaged in different social, cultural and political causes, use certain resources and creative grammars as a form of political expression and participation in the public sphere.

Principal researcher: Ricardo Campos

Research unit: CICS.NOVA

  • Memories of Servitude” works as a platform for the oral, visual and documentary recording of the history of domestic servitude and hotel work. Citizens are able to record their private or family history.

Principal researcher: Inês Brasão

Research unit: IHC

Principal researcher at NOVA FCSH: Manuel Lisboa

Research unit: CICS.NOVA

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