January 10, 2022

Universities of Klagenfurt, Potsdam, South-Eastern Norway and Stirling join YERUN!

YERUN opens the new year by welcoming four new members! The Universities of Klagenfurt, Potsdam, South-Eastern Norway and Stirling  joined YERUN as of 1st of January 2022. These four new memberships bring new perspectives, energies and expertise to YERUN, further strengthening the voice of young research universities in Europe. A big welcome to these four new members into the Young European Research Universities Network!

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“Speaking of universities, most people think of the “ancient universities” first: Bologna, Oxbridge, Salamanca, Vienna, Heidelberg. But there are new kids on the block, too: Young, research-intensive, aspiring institutions striving to attract the brightest minds from all over the globe and to promote graduates who are fit for a challenging future. YERUN connects “The Best of The Young” on a European level, contributing to vivid exchange, to European integration and to a dynamic European Research Area. The University of Klagenfurt, in line with its recent success story, is happy and proud to join YERUN, and to vigorously partake in this endeavour.” 

Prof. Oliver VitouchRector of the University of Klagenfurt


“We are very excited to join YERUN, a true peer group of renowned research universities that have been founded relatively recently. For a university – just as for humans – being “young” has advantages and disadvantages. On the upside, a younger organization is often more flexible, more agile, and more adaptive. This allows us to take on current research challenges and to develop new programs of study relatively quickly. On the downside, the reputation of a research university often grows over decades. Young universities therefore do not have that much name recognition, which makes it harder to attract excellent students and faculty. With our YERUN partners we can work on these challenges together and learn from each other. I am very much looking forward to the upcoming exchanges.” 

Prof. Oliver GüntherRector of the University of Potsdam


“We are delighted to take part in this community of young, progressive universities that work to transform higher education in Europe. This network of universities is sharing our vision, mission, values, focus areas and priorities. Through collaboration in education and research the ambition is to benefit from, and contribute to YERUN’s mission and strategy.” 

Prof. Petter AasenRector of the University of South-Eastern Norway


“YERUN is a leading, innovative, and dynamic network whose ambitions and aims very much align to those of the University of Stirling. We are delighted to become a YERUN member and look forward to contributing to and working across the network in joint research and teaching initiatives to maximize mobility, research capacities and employability of our graduates.” 

Prof. Gerry McCormac, Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Stirling


“After a couple of challenging years, we at YERUN are proud to kick off the new year welcoming four new members, whose commitment to excellence in research and education did not go unnoticed. Their unique experiences, fresh ideas and praiseworthy achievements will bring a new dynamic to the Network, helping us to strengthen our collective intelligence and solidarity through institutional engagement, and to expand the space for freedom of thought and action.”

Prof. Snježana Prijić-SamaržijaYERUN President


“The new year could not start any better: our YERUN family grows exponentially with these four new members. Their excellent, innovative, diverse and complementary approaches strengthen our network’s voice and expertise. Their core missions on education, research and service to society perfectly match YERUN’s vision, mission and strategy and we proudly welcome them as new members. We look forward to engaging them in our activities as of today.” 

Silvia Gomez Recio, YERUN Secretary General


Interested in knowing more about the Universities of Klagenfurt, Potsdam, South-Eastern Norway and Stirling? Click here to read the full Press Release!

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