January 25, 2022

The Civic Engagement at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Gender equality, protection of diversity and full inclusion have always been the UAM hallmarks. UAM engagement in these areas has been so effective and efficient that the UAM has become a benchmark university in the fields of social commitment, equality, sustainability, and responsibility. 

One of the basic pillars at the very base to these achievements has been the integration of these actions as part of the institutional policy of the university. The commitment of the governance is undoubtedly the first step not only to carry out actions and programs in these field but, most importantly, to guarantee support and make them visible, raising awareness in an adequate way. 

Currently, these areas are coordinated at the Vice-Rector’s Office for Social Commitment and Sustainability, on which the following structures depend: the Gender Equality Unit, the Social Equity Unit, the Office of Environmental Sustainability and the Office of Solidarity Action and Development Cooperation

These four offices are fully committed in the development of positive actions to overcome gender gapsenvironmental sustainability, the protection of diversity in our classrooms – especially the presence of refugee students or asylum seekers-, the protection of the right of access to higher education for students with disabilities and the protection of vulnerable groups in a situation of social exclusion

The UAM follows a policy of total transparency with the publication of the numbers and figures of the actions carried out in relation to these issues.  In conclusion, it should be noted that the UAM, with its renewed government team, is firmly committed to further improving the work carried out so far in social and environmental commitment, with the aim of serving as an example of a higher education institution committed and with values ​​not only within the university community itself but with a national and international scope

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