November 29, 2021

New enrolment in the YUFE Student Journey and launch of the upgraded version of YUFE Virtual Campus

On September 16, YUFE launched an upgraded version of the YUFE Virtual Campus, which further facilitates flexible learning and the autonomy of students, as well as helps keep track of students’ progress towards the learning goals they have set for themselves.

Simultaneously, YUFE opened a call for the new enrolment in the YUFE Student Journey programme. YUFE Student Journey offers students the possibility to choose from a large number of academic and language courses, professional training such as YUFE Challenge Teams (in which students work with mentors on proposing solutions to real-life challenges in the regional innovation ecosystem), civic engagement activities aimed at assisting citizens (such as community volunteering or YUFE Help Desks) at the 10 YUFE partner universities.

The YUFE Student Journey offers students the flexibility and autonomy to design their programmes themselves, by selecting among the listed courses and activities according to their interests and goals. Importantly, YUFE offers and explains to students several possible end-goals and learning outcomes, each depending on the unique learning experience that each student has designed for him/herself. This ensures that whatever the students choose, YUFE recognises, certifies and rewards this engagement. As an example, the University of Rijeka participates in this offer by opening up 84 courses to YUFE students (out of which 25 on the undergraduate level, and 59 at the graduate level), in addition to Croatian language courses and two volunteering programmes in cooperation with the local NGOs in Rijeka.

During the open call for applications, the University of Rijeka hosted the first physical meeting of the YUFE initiative after the COVID-19 restrictions, by organising a meeting of the working group responsible for designing the YUFE Student Journey programme. On September 29-30, the working group met in Rijeka in order to deliberate on the long-term vision of YUFE Student Journey, which will also serve as input to the overarching YUFE 2030 vision planning process. In this scope, the working group discussed also the key topics for the future of the programme such as the YUFE Star System, the European Degrees, the relevance of the YUFE Focus Areas, and the future target users of the YUFE services.

The admission process to the YUFE Student Journey was completed in October and, out of 245 applicants, 226 new students were enrolled in the programme. They will now not only benefit from the herein included learning resources, but also participate in the co-creation of an even more ambitious versions of the YUFE Student Journey.

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