October 27, 2021

University of Eastern Finland celebrates Open Access Week

This year, the University of Eastern Finland (UEF) will be celebrating Open Access Week with online science cafés and workshops, and the UEF Library has also planned a series of posts for its blog on open access publishing and open science. The science cafés will be focusing on ORCID and self-archiving, and the workshop will address researchers’ data skills. 

At UEF, open science and open access publishing are held in high regard, and the UEF Library plays an important role in many of the activities. The university has a publishing and data policy which sets as an objective to make research findings extensively available to the scientific community, and society at large. It is widely recognised and acknowledged at the university that achieving this objective requires openness from research methods, findings, data, and publications. Indeed, as a matter of policy, the university demands research results to be published with an open access license, whenever this is possible in view of the applicable laws or agreements. Open access publishing is also supported financially through a variety of OA programmes. 

To further facilitate open access publishing, the university offers its researchers the UEF eRepository service, or UEF eRepo for short, which is maintained by the UEF Library. eRepo is a service for self-archiving (also known as parallel publishing, green OA), which contains theses and publications of the University of Eastern Finland, as well as self-archived versions of articles and metadata of research data made available by the university’s researchers. UEF was one of the first Finnish universities to offer its researchers the possibility to use an open, university-maintained publication archive.

At UEF, open access is not limited to research, but covers learning, too. The university offers possibilities for open learning, for example, through its Open University, open online courses and open learning materials. Furthermore, UEF encourages its teachers to deposit their open educational resources, i.e., educational materials residing in the public domain or released under an open license, to the national Library of Open Educational Resources

UEF’s OA Week 2021 in a nutshell 
Open Science Cafe Online #1: Identify yourself as a researcher! Tue 26 at 14:15–15:45 EEST.

Uncovering the data skills and needs of researchers – an online workshop for researchers. Wed 27 October at 13–15 EEST

Open Science Cafe Online #2: Open publishing and self-archiving Thu 28 October at 12:30-13:30 EEST

Series of OA-related posts on the UEF Library’s blog on 25th, 27th, and 29th of October.

The online science cafés are open to anyone interested. No registration required.

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