October 1, 2021

UiT The Arctic University of Norway joins YERUN!

YERUN is delighted to announce that UiT – The Arctic University of Norway has officially become a YERUN member! By welcoming the northernmost university in the world, YERUN expands its representation to yet another country on the European map: Norway. UiT is a fantastic fit into YERUN: with its strong research profile and research-based teaching, it will contribute to strengthening YERUN’s voice in European policies related to R&I and education. Therefore, a big welcome to UiT – The Arctic University of Norway into the Young European Research Universities Network!

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“UiT The Arctic university of Norway has set high ambitions for our participation in Horizon Europe, and we are continuously seeking to build our international network to foster high quality research- and education collaboration. I am both pleased and honored to see that UiT becomes a part of YERUN, and believe that we will contribute substantially to the network. We will add strong competences in all topics related to the development of the North of Europe and the Arctic into the network, and we are looking forward to collaborating with the members of YERUN in shaping the research and education policies of Europe.” Prof. Dag Rune Olsen, Rector of UiT – The Arctic University of Norway

“As the recently elected President of YERUN, I am extremely pleased and honoured to welcome UiT The Arctic University of Norway into our nework. Norway, as one of the EEA countries, is a key player in the advancement of R&I in Europe and we, in YERUN, are very eager to give our contribution by fostering research and education collaboration among our members, in a spirit of openness and inclusivity. A warm welcome to UiT, and my best wishes for a mutually fruiful cooperation.” Prof. Snježana Prijić-Samaržija, YERUN President

“Welcoming UiT into the YERUN network is a very important milestone in the advancement of our work. This membership coincides with the very recent formal association of Norway to Horizon Europe and will open new windows of collaboration to all YERUN members. We look forward to working together with UiT colleagues in the advancement of the YERUN strategy and in strengthening the voice of young research universities”. Silvia Gomez Recio, YERUN Secretary General

Download the full press release!

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